i’m gonna create an anime and the first episode is gonna zoom in on the person with bright blue hair sitting by the classroom window, then pan over to the kid with plain hair, the main character

and then there’s a running joke the entire show about how no one knows why the hell that guy over there has such weird hair


Making a cool new friend


every anti sj comic ever
kill and eat all straights
oh my such vulgar language i almost felt a bead of sweat roll down my delicate forehead mmm yes oh my
Hey, the Heterosexual Community has feelings that matter as much as yours or mine. By spouting such awful things you are literally oppressing people-their rights and privileges are being drained from them as you type on this microblogging site. To quote Dr. Martin Ghandi X, "why c an't we jsut bbe nice uwu"
thank u good rational minority person. it is a shame not everyone can be as good as u *feed treat*
I want to kiss you so hard that you will never be able to get the taste of me out of your mouth.(via the-psycho-cutie)